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Arirang TV
"Pops in Seoul", "Destination Korea" broadcast program production
The exclusive supplier of multi-language services (7 languages)
Reproduction of multi-lingual programs (English, Chinese, Spanish, etc.)
English translations and subtitles for approximately 300 programs for export
  (drama, documentary)
Program : King and I, My Wife is a Superwoman, Beethoven Virus, East of Eden, General Hospital, Dr. Hur Jun, The Painter of Wind, My Lovely Sam Soon, High Kick!, Lee San, Wind of the Palace, etc.
CJ Media / OCN Translation and subtitling of various films and dramas from abroad
Discovery Channel Translation and subtitle supplement for approximately 1,000 programs since 2001
  (from 2001 to present)
Korean Air
The exclusive supplier of AVOD dubbing, translation, and subtitle
Programs : VJ Team, My Friend Pororo, etc. (Domestic) Friends, Hours, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc. (Foreign)
SEN TV The exclusive domestic supplier of Bloomberg TV broadcast in Korean
Korea Creative Content Agency May 14, 2007 Project supporting re-production programs for export, 2007 / Re-production of programs for export
Arirang International Broadcasting Foundation Feb. 28, 2007 Business Cooperation Agreement (provide multi-language service)
Kyung Hee Cyber University Sep. 1, 2011 Industrial-Educational Cooperation Agreement
PBN Oct. 19, 2012 Business Cooperation Agreement
Kedu Nov. 1, 2012 Mutual Cooperation MOU