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Reorganization of Arirang TV Media and the launch of New Venture T/F
(MICE business / Educational contents distribution business underway)
Production and broadcasting of "Pops in Seoul" (6 episodes/week, 30 minutes/episode) and "Company Close Up" (1 episode/week, 15 minutes/episode) at Arirang TV
Production of a documentary on Seoul International Food Service Industry Expo
Production of promotional video for Taekwondo Promotion Foundation
Production of youtube video for "Uniquely Korean"
Production and supply of two-way multi-angle music program, "The M Multi-angle"
Production and broadcasting of special documentary and DVD commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Korean War
Production of promotional videos for OAK and NDSL service
Production collaboration of special documentary on North Gyeongsang Province with overseas broadcasting companies
Conclusion of a translation contract with Vietnam's national broadcasting network
Re-production of animation for exportation (3 animation programs including "Iron Kid (Eon Kid)," English & Japanese)
Arirang TV multi-language service expansion support
(English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Russian)
Production support for Arirang Special projects including
'Ramsar Special‘ and 'IPTV Special’
Production contract for Arirang TV “Pops in Seoul”
Production contract for Arirang TV "Destination Korea"
Production contract for Arirang TV Korean cultural image promotion (IMC) commercial
Service supply contract for Arirang TV Arabic language reproduction
Service supply contract for Korean Air AVOD program and reproduction
Firm name changed to Arirang TV Media
Reproduction service supply and reproduction contract for Discovery Channel (Discovery Communications, Inc.)
Founded Arirang TV Translation & Interpretation Center
Began Arirang TV foreign language reproduction services (English, Chinese, Spanish)