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Arirang TV Media - A forerunner of global visual media production that boasts Korea's best multi-language visual media production system and talents
Arirang TV Media is a subsidiary of Arirang TV, the global broadcasting network representative of Korea that has widespread access of over 100 million households in 188 countries across the world. Through producing high quality visual media, as well as having a differentiated multi-language translation system, we have walked steadfastly on the path of global professional production, letting the world know of Korea's national brand and excellent contents.
Arirang TV Media will be an essential partner for your business
Now, through entering various new businesses - such as expanding our visual media to overseas and participating in the convention business like planning international conferences, exhibitions and events - based on the steadily accumulated experience and know-how of planning and producing visual media in English and multi-languages, Arirang TV Media will faithfully carry out our duty as the bridge that connects Korea and the world, and rise up as a global first-class professional media company.

Arirang TV Media will continue to work hard in becoming a reliable global media partner for businesses in various industries and local governments that desire overseas expansion or need global cooperation.

Thank you.

President and CEO
Han, Yong-kee